The Viasat Group

Vem Solutions S.p.A is a company of the Viasat Group that has always placed technological innovation at the center of its mission through the creation and dissemination of Security and Protection Systems and Services with the application of Satellite Telematic Technologies.

The Viasat Group operates in the sector of satellite telematics, Big Data, and Waste Management and, thanks to its consolidated experience in the LBS (Local Based Services) market, with over 2 million devices produced for the Telematics Service Provider market worldwide.

This enormous amount of information allows generating services that can significantly affect the safety of motorists and offer extraordinary opportunities for companies (insurance companies, car rent, leasing companies, transport and logistics companies, hygiene services companies urban, etc.) and Public Administration (Smart City) who decide to exploit satellite telematics and software solutions in the field of Waste Management, to optimize and make the management of their business more efficient.