Service Platform

Development of platforms dedicated to data and information management for the B2B and B2B2C market

Vem Solutions designs and develops software platforms based on innovative technologies according to the IoT, Big Data and Advanced Analytics paradigms, with the aim of offering solutions dedicated to the B2B and B2B2C market characterized by a scalable, modular and versatile structure. This makes it possible to manage IoT solutions and create value by monetizing the large amount of data generated by connected devices, making them available to specific business applications.

All software platforms are designed and built to guarantee our customers the highest possible level of support and evolution, and have the following features:

  • Infotelematics infrastructure with a multi-protocol, multi-device architecture
  • Web-based IT system for the management and monitoring of equipment, for the support to operating structures and for data analysis and processing
  • High performance, scalability and integration with other systems
  • Ease of customization
  • Cost-effectiveness of the implementation and setup phase as well as long-term maintenance