On the various Satellite Infotelematics markets, Vem Solutions offers a wide range of differentiated technological services ranging from the development of hardware platforms to the development of software capable of providing value-added services.

Vem Solutions' products use the on-air "TSP13” standard, a communication protocol developed to allow communication between the devices and Operating Centers, both proprietary and/or owned by third parties.


In 2007/2008, Vem Solutions created its first international platform for the management of medical (eCall) and mechanical (BCall) emergency calls, dedicated to customer companies in the automotive sector.

Based on this experience, Vem Solutions and the Viasat Group have designed and built together a new platform, Viasatline, which is capable of managing events generated by services provided by Group companies but also by external customers (B2B), as described below.

The Viasatline Platform was created to integrate upwards with other specialized service platforms (such as fleet management platforms) and downwards with the localization devices of the Viasat Group, hosting events generated by other platforms (e.g. clients outside the group).

At the same time, the Viasatline platform provides a wide range of services for operators, end customers, Companies and B2B Customers. The services provided stem from Viasat Italia's ten-year experience in the insurance sector, which adds up to Viasat's thirty-year expertise in the management of satellite anti-theft and personal assistance services. The architecture of the Viasatline Platform allows to connect it to other platforms with a unified XM or JSON protocol, called TSP13 and shared at the TSP Association level. This makes it possible for client platforms to deliver Fleet-related services and much more. Upon request, Viasatline transfers raw data to other platforms such as Floating Car Data platforms, in real time.