Our strengths

More than fourty five years of experience

Vem Solutions is an innovative company that strives to anticipate the technological evolution and future challenges of the "smart world" that is taking shape around us.

With over 45 years of proven experience in the field of EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) and LBS (Location Based Services), Vem Solutions can design customized solutions based on customer specifications, providing the expertise of engineers and technicians oriented to consultancy and problem solving.

Value chain coverage

Vem Solutions covers the entire value chain thanks to a vertically integrated internal process, thus responding to the needs of the market through a flexible, scalable and modular offering.

Guaranteeing impeccable quality, sustainable costs and precise, punctual planning are fundamental aspects that have always helped our company stand out. Vem Solutions is the result of over 45 years of development and improvement of processes and best practices, reached through our commitment to improve our activities day by day.

Manufacturing capabilities

VEM Solutions has some production plants: 1 in Italy (Venaria Reale - Turin), 1 in Bulgaria, 1 in China, 1 in Tunisia (productive partnership) and an advanced supply chain center regard to the research and development of new areas for the purchase of electronic components. Therefore, an advanced electronic manufacturing center that maintains strong governance and roots in our country.

A collaborative approach

Thanks to the numerous consolidated partnerships with Italian Universities and Research Centers, and to our long-standing relationships with national trade associations, we are able to create constant added value for every project and order commissioned by our clients.