On 13 October 2020, the merger by incorporation of Cogema into VEM Solutions was completed, expanding the Group's industrial capabilities, which now owns two production plants in Italy (Venaria Reale and Merone), one in Bulgaria, one in China, one in Tunisia (productive partnership) and a purchasing centre for an advanced supply chain in the research and development of new areas for the purchase of electronic components. The goal is to focus not only on high-quality electronic production but also to take full advantage of synergies with production facilities at an international level in order to be competitive also on large volumes.


    Two manufacturing plants in Venaria Reale (TO) and Merone (CO). With over 10,000 square meters of supervised areas and leading-edge technology, we provide appropriate production capacity and flexibility to support assemblies that can produce high mix/low volume, up to large industrial production. Vem Solutions has significant experience in production, assembly and testing of complete PCBA electronics components and the skills to build boxes.  Innovative SMT lines that reduce handwork and provide speed in production and precise positioning of components.


    Plovdiv plant (South Bulgaria) specialising in medium/large scale electronic production. 3 are the SMT lines with a global capacity of 54,000 components/hour and a full tracking system for logistics, components and production management.


    The company is located in the town of HuangTu, specialized in the production of high/low-frequency transformers, inductors, toroidal transformers and others that are used in fields such as: charging stations, communication devices, home appliances, electric cars, solar energy, LED drive circuits. The plant has a surface area of about 2000 sqm with innovative production and testing facilities.


    Ex-Cogema's historic production partnership. It was set up at the end of the '80s in Tunisia. Specialized in medium / large scale electronic production, it has 3 SMT lines with a total capacity of 39,000 components/hour. The production plant has recently been renovated, introducing a new management system for logistics, components and production management.