In addition to a considerable technical background, Vem Solutions can count on controlled environments, cutting-edge technologies, organizational models and layouts which stem from the experience and optimization we have acquired over time.

In particular:

  • 4 production plants (in Italy in Venaria Reale, in Bulgaria in Plovdiv, in Tunisia and in China), 3 research facilities (Turin, Rome and Busto Arsizio) and 7 operational offices in Italy (Aprilia, Busto Arsizio, Merone, Prato, Rome, Treviglio, Venaria Reale e Venezia Mestre)
  • More than 45 decades of experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of electronic systems, intelligent devices and sensors, telematics platforms and services.
  • Strong skills: the expertise of electronic and computer engineers, Big Data analysts and architects, technicians, and specialized operators.
  • Dedicated project teams of developers and Data Scientists, for the vertical development of IT platforms for data and information management.
  • 18 billion positions per year, on the routes traveled on the routes travelled by vehicles connected to our telematic platforms in Italy
  • A production surface of 10,000 sqm in controlled environments, protected from electrostatic phenomena (EPA) - Venaria Reale Plant (Turin - Italy)
  • Automated lines for the assembly of SMD components and assembly lines for PTH components
  • ICT and functional testing systems
  • A production capacity which is flexible and scalable according to the needs of the customers.
  • Assembly capacity of SMD components exceeding 100.000 pieces/hour