Vem Solutions: Innovation, design, industrialization and production

Vem Solutions is a highly specialized Italian company operating in the Research and Development, systems and processes engineering and electronics manufacturing sectors. Vem Solutions' mission is to design, develop and manufacture telematics devices and intelligent sensors equipped with IoT technologies, telematics platforms and services for the B2B/B2B2C world and apps for smartphones and tablets. Vem Solutions offers these solutions to Viasat Group companies and to third party customers.



Business areas

Vem Solutions: your ideal partner

Vem Solutions is a center of excellence in the design, development and production of cutting-edge electronic systems and devices, offering the market a range of customized solutions designed to meet customer expectations through a flexible, scalable and modular offer.
The activities carried out by Vem Solutions range from system analysis to device prototyping and the industrialization and management of databases, with the ability to develop IT services and a particular focus on the automotive, industrial, aerospace, Smart City, IoT e Big Data Monetization.

IoT, Big Data e Analytics

Our solutions are designed with shared, economic and sustainable mobility in mind, and, in general, with an eye to the Internet of Things or "machine-to-machine communication", an area in which "embedded device" communication has been surpassed for years now. [Learn more]

Service Platform

Development of software platforms based on innovative technologies according to the IoT, Big Data and Advanced Analytics paradigms, with the aim of offering solutions dedicated to the B2B and B2B2C market characterized by a scalable, modular and versatile structure.  [Learn more]

Telematics Devices

Manufacturing and design of hardware platforms (Telematics black boxes) that provide support, security, protection and localization services based on Satellite Technology (Gps, Glonass, Galileo). [Learn more]

Data processing

We manage raw data gathered by information systems for the real-time collection of mobility data, collected and transmitted by special on board units, and we further analyze them in depth. [Learn More]

Our Group

Vem Solutions S.p.a is a Viasat Group company that operates in Italy and abroad in the security, protection and satellite localization markets, also specializing in the manufacturing and assembly of electronic boards and products. The Group is among the few TSPs (Telematics Service Providers) to have a vertically integrated internal process, obtained by directly controlling the telematics value chain, which ranges from the design and manufacturing of hardware devices for software development to the supply of innovative services and applications for the vehicle telematics industry.